Blogging? What was I thinking of?

So, why have I started to blog, I hear you ask?  Because I’m working my way through a writing course and want to try my hand. 

And what will I be blogging about?  Anything really, provided I — and both of my followers — find it interesting, and preferably amusing. The blog on ballroom dancing (all true, by the way) was in response to a suggestion from a kind reader who liked the previous one about the burger bar. I claim to know something about environmental stuff after 40 years in the business so there might be some blogs on that. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see some words on travel, holidays, sport and on having what passes for a good time at my age, with the occasional grievance thrown in. What with the wife being a vet and all, I have a store of good animal stories, so look out for them. That enough?


PS Can I just say something? I’ve just finished reading an excellent book which Santa gave me (I have read other books since Christmas, I’m not that slow a reader) — Visit Sunny Chernobyl by Andrew Blackwell: Adventures in the World’s Most Polluted Places. (Arrow Books). Witty, well informed, depressing, challenging. Read it! Wish I’d thought of writing a book like that.

And while we’re at it, the sankersblog award for best travel writer goes, as it will every year, to Tim Moore for Do Not Pass Go, French Revolutions, Frost on my Mustache, Spanish Steps, Nul Points and others, every one of which I have read and thoroughly recommend. Great writing, very funny.

And finally, can I also commend the 37th annual panto of the Lewes Arms Dramatic Society, being performed all this week in, not altogether surprisingly, Lewes, East Sussex? Robin Hood this year but it doesn’t really matter, it’s the same jokes. In the warning words of the programme, “Adult themes are present throughout the show, but fortunately they are balanced by the sort of juvenile smut that you have come to expect from a LADS production”. I love Lewes!


2 thoughts on “Blogging? What was I thinking of?

  1. Thank you thank you…beige is truly a relief compared to fluorescent green. I’ll never be snarky about beige again; well, maybe not for a while anyways 🙂

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